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Подбор cотрудников
с гарантией замены «под ключ»
Testing of candidates
Replacement guarantee under the contract
Payment is made upon the employee's commencement of work
Answer 5 questions and calculate the cost of recruiting staff for your company
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If you want to search for employees on your own:
Review about 100 resumes
Select 30 people by phone
Organize 10 – 15 interviews
Not all responding candidates meet the requirements, therefore, selection and analysis of resumes require no less than 3 hours daily. Access to recruiting resources will cost from 500 $.
At this stage, it is important to clarify a number of questions regarding candidates' formal experience, assess their speech, find out candidates' expectations, and their willingness to work on staff. During the conversation, it often turns out that candidates do not meet the job requirements, and some calls are made in vain.
Even if the interview went through, during its process, it may become clear that the job candidate clearly exaggerated their strengths. Time and efforts are spent, but the result is zero.
Не все откликнувшиеся кандидаты подходят по требованиям, поэтому отбор и анализ резюме требует не менее 3 часов ежедневно. На доступ к рекрутинговым ресурсам уйдет от 128 000 тенге.
Find employees within a period from 5 days thanks to our advantages:
Own database of candidates
Experienced recruiters
Established connections
Testing of candidates
In our private database, there are over 50 thousand resumes of employees for any positions.
The search for employees is conducted by recruiters with education and extensive work experience.
Just 5 days after starting cooperation with us, you will receive the first candidates for the position.
You will find employees who are not available on the open job market.
We work until the vacancy is closed.
Contacts in the business world allow us to easily reach the right candidates.
We conduct evaluation and testing of candidates.
Поиск соискателей осуществляют специалисты с образованием и большим опытом работы.
Закройте вакансию
в срок от 5 дней, благодаря нашим преимуществам:
Работаем до момента, пока не закроем вакансию
Receive a qualified
employee with
a replacement
Employee replacement guarantee, if they do not pass the probation period
Victoria Nikulina
Senior Recruiter
Get a qualified employee with a replacement guarantee
We select and invite candidates suitable for your vacancy
Final candidates undergo testing at the employer's request
Potential employees undergo a series of interviews and tests with recruiters
We will organize interviews with the final candidates and you
The ideal candidate starts working
High accuracy in selecting candidates for the vacancy
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About the company
Recruitment agency Recrutoman brings together professionals in the field of recruitment, with an average market experience of over 17 years.
We specialize in staff recruitment for any field, providing employers with comprehensive human resource management services.
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